thoughts are the one matter the most….

2 days ago my friend came for a sleepover. Sembang macam macam. Bila masuk topic hadiah kahwin, I showed her a card we received from one of our teachers from MRSM Gerik. I was totally touched when me & my hubby first opened the card.

It was hand made, ada bunga bunga kecil. Cantik sangat! Tapi bila my friend pointed out how the card is cut in a very detailed shape, baru lah realised. Mesti ambik masa utk buat & very leceh. Enclosed with the card are 3 bookmarks, all hand made. Rajin betul. Kitorang assume agaknya cikgu buat waktu tgh jaga bebudak exam kot. hehe…

When talking about that, I realised the best gift is not the biggest or most expensive present, but it’s the thoughts from everyone.

Some people came from Kelantan / Trengganu just to attend the wedding. Our PIBG chairman attended wedding at both sides! Then there are several teachers even attended the wedding at Perak. Bukannya dekat rumah my hubby tu!

There’s our principal and our ustaz who came all the way from Parit Buntar. Our K.H teacher came from Kedah, our english teacher came from Ipoh. And of coz some of our most closest & trusted friends who came all the way from KL.

Bak kata my hubby, terharu betul pengetua datang. Terasa seperti Pak Lah yg dtg 😀

Those yg tak dpt datang pun keep on wishing through sms & friendster. I totally appreciate it. It really makes a big difference…

Thanks everyone. You know who you are. Let’s keep this circle of love moving…


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