my day is ruined, by magic…

There are two things happened this week. First, I’d quit my job. So right now I’m one of those unemployed ppl *sigh*. There are a few reasons why I resigned at the first place. Anyway, I felt good with the decision, well… other than the feeling that “I can’t shop like crazy” anymore:).

 Of course I’m looking for another job. A career I suppose. Hopefully I’ll get one soon.

The 2nd thing that took place is that I finished reading my 6th Harry Potter book. Well, for me the first part is a little bit boring. But after reading half of the book, it’s hard to put it down.

Well, I hate to admit that I’m full of tears when one of the important characters died. It’s like a dream, he shouldn’t have died. I keep on browsing towards the end of the book in case he wake up again ( by magical power whatsoever). But NO. He definitely died.

I hate the murderer so much! And I hate J.K Rowling too for doing that. Well, maybe it ought to happen since we are nearly at the end of the series. One more book to go, so it has to happen anyway. But why so soon!!! Ugghhh….ruined my day!


thoughts are the one matter the most….

2 days ago my friend came for a sleepover. Sembang macam macam. Bila masuk topic hadiah kahwin, I showed her a card we received from one of our teachers from MRSM Gerik. I was totally touched when me & my hubby first opened the card.

It was hand made, ada bunga bunga kecil. Cantik sangat! Tapi bila my friend pointed out how the card is cut in a very detailed shape, baru lah realised. Mesti ambik masa utk buat & very leceh. Enclosed with the card are 3 bookmarks, all hand made. Rajin betul. Kitorang assume agaknya cikgu buat waktu tgh jaga bebudak exam kot. hehe…

When talking about that, I realised the best gift is not the biggest or most expensive present, but it’s the thoughts from everyone.

Some people came from Kelantan / Trengganu just to attend the wedding. Our PIBG chairman attended wedding at both sides! Then there are several teachers even attended the wedding at Perak. Bukannya dekat rumah my hubby tu!

There’s our principal and our ustaz who came all the way from Parit Buntar. Our K.H teacher came from Kedah, our english teacher came from Ipoh. And of coz some of our most closest & trusted friends who came all the way from KL.

Bak kata my hubby, terharu betul pengetua datang. Terasa seperti Pak Lah yg dtg 😀

Those yg tak dpt datang pun keep on wishing through sms & friendster. I totally appreciate it. It really makes a big difference…

Thanks everyone. You know who you are. Let’s keep this circle of love moving…

When he bended on one knee…..

Malam tu macam biasa kitorang lepak sambil tengok tv. Dia baru sampai dari Ipoh, jadi dinner dekat rumah je with my mom. Biasalah on Saturday, aku jadi penonton setia 8tv. My mom dah tertidur depan tv, aku still dok layan One Tree Hill.

Bila cerita tu dah habis, aku mula mengantuk. Dah lewat malam, sejuk pulak tu. Tapi dia ckp jgn lah tidur lagi. So kitorang pun layan Queer Eyes pulak.

Tapi bila si dia masuk dapur carik ayam giant (his favorite food..hehe…), aku pun terlelap. Bila dia keluar, dia terus ckp “jangan lah tidur lagi….jom laa sembang2” Aku pujuk mintak naik tidur sbb mmg dah berkali kali menguap. Tapi dia tak kasik jugak. Sabar je laa…

Kitorang pun sembang laa benda yg ntah ape ape, sambil duduk atas couch. Tapi aku asik terhangguk saja, mata pun dah hampir tertutup…

Dia mintak nak tgk tangan aku. Nak tilik ke aper ntah. Aku tunjuk jer la. Tapi rasa cam dah mamai time tu. Mata mmg dah tertutup.

And then suddenly he whispered into my ears “Happy Birthday Sayang” sambil letakkan kotak kecil dlm tanganku. Terus mata ku terbukak luas. Hehehe…aku toleh belakang tgk jam. Rupa rupanya dah pukul 12.00 tengah malam. It’s 1st May already! My birthday!!!

I opened the box, there’s a silver anklet inside. He took it, bend down on one knee and slipped it to me.

Then he hold my hands, look deeply in my eyes, and said….

“Will you marry me……………..?”

I’m so surprised. Never see it coming. I’m overwhelmingly happy with tears, it was so romantic. And of course I nodded…

And the rest is history…🙂