pms pms pms

PMS is really terrible. It makes me overwhelmingly emotional, sometimes with no reason. Sometimes out of the blue, you just feel like crying. I guess it has something to do with hormone…

One effective method to recover of course through banyak2 selawat. But sometimes after you’re so down…then baru lah teringat nak selawat… Honestly, I prefer the physical cramming🙂

Luckily I have a very understanding partner. He quickly realized I’m having this stupid thing, and will just comfort me ( even without reasonable excuse). Coz I’ve read in one magazine that some guys just don’t get it. They think we are just using this “pms” to get away from stuff.

I finally got to drive the new car! I feel more confident this time, main reason because it’s an auto car😉. I just need to remember to always be careful on the road…oh yeah…

Okay ladies, hit the road with the below clearance!!!!

Metrojaya Branded Stocks Clearance at Corus Hotel, Jln Ampang
June 30 to July 1st, 10 am – 7pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 1st floor


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