yeap, we’re married!

I’m so lazy to update…..So many things going on I suppose:). But today my laziness spell break! Here I am…

Okay, first sekali…I’m happy to declare that we were officially married on Thursday, May 5th 05.*big grin*. The ceremony took place after solat asar at my house. Everything went so smoothly, alhamdulilah…

Next our reception was on Saturday, May 7th at Gemalai Sari Hall, Bangunan Risda. A lot of people showed up, and we are so happy and satisfied since everything was according to the plan. It was a wonderful day!!!

Then we left the country and went honeymoon to Bali for a week *wink wink*. Such a great place! I often heard the place is nice, but it was actually beyond what I’ve had imagined. Not only the scenery is breathtaking, the place is very cultural. People are so nice, and safe for the tourists. Plus berjalan dgn yang tersayang kan, bertambah tambah laa keseronokannya!

Balik dari honeymoon, baru lah buat majlis bertandang di Perak. Alhamdulilah semuanya berjalan lancar.

Million thanx to everyone who helps, especially family and friends who lend their hands. Tak jemu jemu kasik idea best, tolong ke sana sini, tenaga kerja, dan macam macam lagik la. Memang tak mampu kalau kitorang je yg nak uruskan. Terima kasih banyak banyak!

As for the marriage life, it is really great. This one month has been really wonderful to me!!! Cayang dia..muahssss~
Come and visit our fotopages below for the wedding pics!


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