One more week!

Okay, one more week to go!

Right now me and my mom busy doing the ‘bunga telur” thing. We are actually giving muffin, not bunga telur. So right now tgh buat ribbon utk bekas muffins. Almost done.

Kalau expert tgk, musti tergelak looking at our messy work, but I’m satisfied coz I did it by myself. One thousand ribbons man…Plus me tak reti menjahit, and nak simpulkan benang pun tunang yg ajar (tima kasih cikgu), so bangga laa gak bila dah reti buat nie. hehe…

I’m also compiling songs for the reception. Lagu2 pengantin tu dah mesti, but nak selitkan gak lagu2 kontemporari. Especially yg menyentuh perjalanan cinta kami selama nie…kui kui…

So thankful to my family and friends for their never-ending support. Hope everything goes well.

Next week start cuti. Dunno I’m nervous or not, but right now I do feel excited! Feels good😉.

To readers, dijemput semua hadir ke Majlis Resepsi kami pada 7 Mei ini di Dewan Gemalai Sari, Tingkat 1 Bangunan Risda, Jln Ampang. Jam 12 – 4ptg

 Semoga semuanya diberkati Allah S.W.T..

 P.S. Nozie Majalah 3 pun nak nikah on 5th May! Hehe…sama lah kita…


Q & A (paste from Friendster)

 1.What time were you born?
5.21 pm on Friday…

 2.What song you wish you are playin?
One sad song by Secret Garden, can’t remember the title.

 3. Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry?
Nope, I do feel sad though when Lady Di passed away.

 4.Do you want a baby?
Oh yeah…not now though

 5.What is your pet’s name?
Syafiq, my bear:).

 6. What color are your bedsheets?
White, full with yellow smiley faces

 7. What was the last concert you attended?
The Force of Nature:).

 8. Who was with you?
Nany, and thousands of fans!

 9. What was the last movie you saw?
Sepet & Hide and Seek, going to watch Samara next!

 10. Who was with you?
Atik & Nany

 11. What food are you craving right now?
Ice cream. Always crave for that!

 12.What was the last tv show you watched?
The O.C

 13. What is your fav piece of jewelry?

 14. What was the last thing you ate?
Pineapple, for lunch.

 15. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex?
hmmm…shahrin, matput, mudin, to name a few…

 16. Write a song lyric that’s in your head?
ku dikejar bayang bayang resah…

 17. What song is that from?
Spider, dunno why it keeps playing in my head…

 18. Who the last person you talked to?
Mariam, sembang pasal fesyen tudung pengantin:)

 19. What is your favorite colors?
purple, pink, brown

 20. Do you have a crush?
Currently no.

 21. What shampoo do you use?
Currently RejoiceSunsilk pun boley. Pantene is certainly a no-no for my hair.

 22. When was the last you cut your hair?
Last month

 23. What is your favorite subject?
History. Kind of weird, huh…

 24.What is your favorite drink?
Lychee. And apa2 yg my bf order mesti I nak jugak. Hehehe…

 25. What’s your favorite shopping stores?
Definitely KLCC

 26. What is your one wish that u really hope God will grant it?
happiness with the one I love…

 27. Name 3 people that you miss right now
My fiancé, Nicholas,…sapo lagik ntah…

 28. Are you in love right now?
So much!

 29.With who?
My future hubby!

 30. Do you have license?
Yup! (lamanya dah tak drive…huhu…)

 31. Do u have a car?
Nope, soon…InsyaAllah…

 32. If u’re stranded on an island, give me 3 names that you wish to be with?
My fiancé alone is enuff.

 33. Choose between Leonardo decaprio, Tom Cruise and Vin diesel?

 34. Fav quote of the day?
No one can make u feel inferior without your permission – Eleanor Rooselvelt

 35. Have u ever had an affair with someone?
Kind of…

36. Have you ever wish that this person is still single?
Nope, glad he’s not.

37. Which part of your body u like most?
mcm soalan utk siti je..hehe…I think my waist.

38. Why do u think so?
The belly button pierce? 😉

39.Cute or sweet?

40. Name any of ur ex that u still love?
None. I’m over them. Feel good about that.

41. Define your satisfaction?
When I’m happy.

42. Who are u currently chatting with?
Shaz, my faraway friend.

43. Dream car?
Currently, Honda CRV.

44. Have u ever been on tv?
Oh yeah..during Man U vs Liverpool game in Hartamas. Such a memorable thing coz they interviewed me, the joyous Man U die hard fan and a frustrated Reds fan – my boyfriend laa…haha…  

45. Have u ever seen a nude picture?
In today’s world, so hard to avoid such things…

46.Bad habits?

 47. At what age do u expect to get married?
23- 25.

 48. Do u wish to live on ur own?
Yup. With my hubby of course.

kandung atau tidak…

3 more weeks….I think I got everything covered…well, not everything, but almost. That’s good enough. I don’t want to stress out myself. Want to be healthy and fit for the day and for the honeymoon😉.

Mari kita cakap pasal selain dari wedding pulak..hehehe…Apa kata kita gossip mcm Melodi, kua kua kua…

Aku geram sebenarnya dgn isu artis kena saman dgn ayah tu. Selalunya aku malas nak kisah pasal kes saman2 nie. Tapi yg nie aku rasa geram betul. Bkn geram dkt artis tu, tapi dkt bapak dia.

Aku ada ramai adik beradik tiri, jadik aku byk encounter kisah mcm nie. Sejak kecil, orang lain yg bela. Bkn ayah sendiri. Tapi walaupun bkn darah daging kandung, kita tetap panggil orang tu ayah.

Jadik aku tak faham langsung kenapa ayah dia nak terasa. Dia kata ayah dia meninggal, mestilah dia merujuk kepada ayah dia, yg kebetulan nama sama pulak dgn bapak kandung. Aku tak rasa ada niat untuk memfitnah. Orang tu yg bela dia sejak umur 2 bulan.

Come on laa.. sedangkan kalau umur 7 tahun baru jadik anak angkat / tiri pun kita panggil ayah jugak. Inikan pulak 2 bulan. Melainkan dia ckp “ayah kandung” saya meninggal. Haa, tu baru lah ada reason nak melenting.

Bila aku sembang dgn member2, kitorang membuat kesimpulan ayah dia agaknya gila glamour. Tak pun dicucuk saudara mara lain. Mungkin kitorang salah. Lebih molek jika dia tarik balik je saman tu. Buat malu je. Bkn artist tu yg malu. Dia sendiri laa…


One more month to go….


Invitation cards are ready to go. I just need to go buy some stamps from the post office….

My mom and dad keep on arguing about the menu. Something about “lamb”.

I choose to avoid the conversation rather than take part. I don’t care and I don’t want to care. But there are times I feel like running to Vegas to get married if I hear the word “lamb” one more time…