RM82, totally worth it!

The concert was GREAT!!!!!!

It started with lauryn hill. She has the most amazing voice! Mcm stadium putra tu tak cukup besar je nak menampung suara dia (very much different time aku tgk AF2 dulu, suara penyanyi tenggelam). Pakai simple jer, blouse + skirt jeans. Tapi suara power…!!!

Innuendo was ok, Sheila Majid was wonderful. No wonder she’s international. She easily got audience’s attention with her 3 songs. Pastu diorang reramai nyanyi lagu Iklhas tapi jauh, together with Dayang & Anuar Zain. Terkejut aku bila Anuar muncul, kuat gila audience menjerit. Ramai rupanya peminat dia… 

Next was Boyz to Men. Suara diorang power giler! Mmg best. Then Wyclef Jean’s turn. I have no clue who this guy is. I only read on the newspaper earlier that he and lauryn used to be in a same group. Fugees if I’m not mistaken. But he’s an absolute entertainer. Sampai pakcik2 pun turut berdiri sambil lambaikan hanphone (in substitute of lighter).

Bila dia nyanyi lagu Jump Around, teringat saat saat tgk college football😉. ( our ‘Badger’ tradition in football games to jump around to this song at the end of the 3rd quarter). Then he together with lauryn hill sing some songs, including Killing me softly…power abis vocal dia…

Masa turn BSB, I have a mixed feelings. This was my die-hard, favorite band during my teen. I have all collections of their albums. But I declared myself no longer a fan 2-3 years ago… (it was when all the boyband died).

But when they started singing, I can’t help myself from screaming! They choreographed their dance neatly, great voices, AND…… they are still as gorgeous as before! Only much much more when you see it alive!!! (Carter was no longer the cute boy, he’s sooo tough!!!). Wished my roommate Atik was there 😉.  

They sang 7-8 songs, I’m falling in love with them all over again. They also convinced me to buy their coming album ~ release this June. (they sang one of the new song for the 1st time, best!!).

The last one was B.E.P. (which actually the main reason why I was there). They are of coz driving everyone crazy! Habis pukul 3 pagi, nasib baik driver lrt masih sedia menanti…  

All in all, it was really great b’coz I underestimated all these ‘mat salleh’ singers. I thought since they were not paid a single penny to perform, they will only spend a few minutes on the stage.

But I was wrong… Each of them sang more than 5 songs. All were so well-prepared (semua bawak band masing2) and enthusiastically entertaining. B.E.P siap reka lagu lagik khas utk M’sia.

Plus 4 tahun aku dkt US, takde plak dpt tgk byk singers macam nie perform dlm satu konsert with just RM82. Thanx Hitz.fm! ( wished my honey was there too that nite, meshti lagikk beshhhh)…


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