Thanx to & Nany, I managed to get the Force Of Nature concert ticket!!!!

As I mentioned earlier, we can’t get the RM82 ticket. It was sold out macam pisang goreng panas (since that was the cheapest & so limited seat!!!).

But yesterday nany said is giving away the RM350 ticket with the price of RM82! They’re giving to the first 500 people. Apa lagik…terus cepat2 sms.

Tapi kena pergi claim tiket dkt Bukit Jalil. Mana lah aku boley keluar ofis tetiba macam tu. So aku mintak tolong nany pergi. Hehehe…and we got the tickets!!! Terasa untung pulak sbb bayar harga murah, tapi duduk bahagian depan. Hehehe… tima kasih byk byk!!!!

I don’t care if B.E.P is only going to sing one song. If they are, then the highest probability will be Where is the love (takkan nyanyi lagu let’s get retarded utk tsunami ek…). Other artists pun best gak.

Other than rawking the Stadium Putra, this weekend I have to go and see how’s the dewan for the wedding and pay the deposit, also pay the tailor, maybe buying some more of the hantaran, etc, etc..(money flowing out…never flowing in anymore..ugh…).

Okie….enjoy the F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the Force of Nature!!!! *wink wink


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