Some Malaysians still do not open their eyes on exercise as a healthy way of life…Whenever they heard that I go to gym, their normal response is “nak buat apa kurus lagik”. Rasanya dah kali ke 50 kot aku dapat komen sedemikian…

I keep on explaining that I go to gym so that I’m fit. I feel tired + grumpy if I don’t exercise, and to keep my body in shape is a side factor. But they kind of don’t believe me. So I’ve decided that rather than babbling about health and other benefit of exercise, I will now only smile whenever people shoot me that kind of question.

In U.S, no one ever bother whenever I’m in gym. Plus, there are a lot of other good-figure ladies in the gym. They surely are there to stay healthy (or to get away from homework pressure!).

Although compared to 10 years ago, now we are more into exercise, ( more gyms exist – which full of people, or look at the klcc park – a lot of people jogging), but they are still a few ignorants out there…which I’m tired of…

Enjoy the weekend! Don’t push people around if you are going to the PWTC Matta Fair

P.S: I wanted to watch let’s get retarded ~ Black Eye Peas…but tickets are sold out…sedey sedey…

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