extra money for black eye peas?

Thanx for those who wished me. I will give out the invitation card once the day is getting near ( at this moment, the card is not even ready yet…).

Last week I was really overwhelmed. Really close to shed a tear. Went to pejabat agama kajang for application procedure. It is particularly hard for me since I don’t have car (and is not allowed to drive my mom’s car), and my father is not staying with us. So to gather me, my father – the wali, & 2 saksi were a hassle. But now everything is settled. Alhamdulilah… We get the date & time that we want. Everything is booked. Bak kata jurunikah, “tunggu pengantin lelaki datang je;)”.

Juru make-up pun dah book. Yg nie pun satu masalah utk aku, sebabnya aku mmg tak pakai make-up. Maka susah betul nak pilih, tak tau mana yg bagus. Tensen jugak lah. Luckily my fiancé was there accompanying me. Thanks honey.

We decided to go Bali for our honeymoon. So weekend hari tu aku dan si dia sempat usha brochure yg ada. Maybe nanti nak pergi MATTA FAIR, mana tau ada deal yg lebih best. Tiket free, dpt time lucky draw. So sekarang nak carik accommodation & ground package jer la…

Hmm….rasa nak tgk Sepet & Million Dollar Baby, tapi belum ada kesempatan… tunggu anak sedara aku abis exam laa kot.

Lagik satu…Black Eye Peas coming to town!! Should I go? Ughhh…money is the constraint right now…menderma sambil berhibur? Huhuhu…..


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