Isetan Sales

 I had a really hectic weekend.

 On Friday, me n my officemates skipped lunch and went to the Isetan sales. Managed to grab my fiance’s shirt, slack, & tie for hantaran. Got a really good deal with the 60% off member price.

 I’m so tempted to browse the ladies selection, but right now every money spend should be only on the wedding. Or else I’ll go bankrupt by the end of May. Jadik terpaksa lah tutup mata bila tgk baju cantik cantik. Hehe…To compensate our empty stomach, we bought the lecka lecka ice cream, eating while strolling down Jln P. Ramlee back to the office…

 Saturday, aku mengheret Ika & mariam to escort me to Cheras. I’ve secure a professional cameraman for the wedding. The price is over – budget!!! But since I’ve fall in love with his work, I’m willing to sacrifice some other thing. Such as my lunch for the next 2 months??

 Pastu, kitorang lepak dkt klcc sambil usha lagik barang sales. There are a great selection of shoes, but not handbag😦. Aku dah aim nak beli satu kasut tu, sesuai dipakai utk bersuka ria selepas kahwin nanti *wink wink*.

 Then sambung lepak dgn member2 dkt kedai mamak. My good friend gave me a free voucher to Laguna Redang Resort for 2 days one nite. Thanx! And kitorang stuck dlm hujan. Lebat giler, tapi elok jugak sbb dah berhari hari cuaca tak elok. Alhamdulilah…

 On Sunday, aku meneruskan kerja kerja wajibku. Carik cadar & baju sewa utk majlis berinai. Kali nie heret mak aku. Setel jugak. Alhamdulilah… Next weekend, nak heret tunang pulak… bersedia laa…huhuhu…


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