which chairs??

Last night me n my mom went to Auntie Nik’s place; to decide on pelamin & dulang hantaran. I’ve decided the color, but not the chairs. Still can’t figure out which chairs I like most.

Of course the perfect chair that I want was Pak Abu’s (which erra used), but that was of course out of reach. Now I need to get the next best thing. I just want something Simple but nice but looks like the word simple is not that easy to grasp….

I remembered last year Lynn was telling me and nany how she visited this one cameraman which was expensive so she decided ONLY to window shopping. But it turned out she hired that cameraman! Now I’m so close to be in Lynn’s shoes!! We’ll see how it goes this weekend…Sigh…

I started to panic a bit, since only 9 weeks left before the day. Plus my fiancé is outside KL. Memang lah boley buat decision sorang sorang, but I love if we can make decision together.

Actually, It will be much easier if I take packages. They are plenty of packages being offered nowadays (catering + baju + cameraman + pelamin + etc). So couples out there, don’t freak out. It just me n my mom love going through a little bit of hassle.

It just happened that we like this specific catering that did not offer other things, and Auntie Nik volunteered to do the pelamin, and we prefer to tailor-made the cloth, etc, etc…Sape suruh menyusahkan diri sendiri kan…but whatever it takes, I don’t care. Coz it will be totally worth it.


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