shed a tear


Does all women cry easily?


No matter how hard I fight it, I always shed a tear whenever someone shout at me. Especially when it comes from ppl that I care about.


People has been telling me not to feel bad. Shout not neccessarily means a sign of anger. Well, my mind can acept that. But my heart can’t. I seriously get heartache whenever this happened. And the worst part is, when I feel like crying after someone shout at me, I have no one to talk about it. (because it’s so lame ppl will think I’m so spoilt just to cry over small things).


Previously I always cry to my sista. But after a while, we both grow older and I feel stupid to pour problems on her too. Sth like – “there are many bigger problems out there”, rather than to listen to my selfish thoughts.

Previously also, whenever I feel like crying, I can just lay on my bed for hours. Skip my class and call in sick. I remembered the last time someone cheated on me, I didn’t even call the library to inform that I was not coming to work. I just lay in my bed for hours. (later I quit the library job:).


But now even though I feel bump, I still have to wake up early to go to work tomorrow. Well, that’s the price of being an adult I guess.


Luckily, no matter what your age is, THE ONE will always be there. Ya Allah…berikanlah ketenangan dan kebahagiaan kepadaku & keluargaku. Jauhilah kami dari gangguan syaitan..Amin.

 Nite nite…


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