durian oh durian

Semalam nak update tapi busy pulak. Kena tolong manager buat annual report. Mula mula tu dia suruh buat a few charts. Tapi bila dah siap, dia tambah2 lagik kerja lain. Kengkononnya dia kata sbb aku terer Excel baik kasik aku buat. Leceh sungguh. Buat kerja cepat pun salah, lambat pun salah.

Tengah2 buat chart tu, teringat pulak dkt Margie, my actuarial lecturer. She’s the one who really inspire us in facing the real world. I’m really glad I had her as one of the lecturer.

Well, the weekend was really really great. First sekali, mestilah sbb si dia datang KL;). He really surprised me by bringing 5 durians! Haha…

Dulu dulu aku makan sikit je durian. Tapi bila dah rasa yg kaw kaw punya (D24 kot) from Ipoh, wah wah…best gila! Bak kata my sis macam mkn aiskrem..hehe…So I keep on bragging him of how good the Ipoh durian was.

And surprise surprise! Last Saturday he really brought me durians all the way from Ipoh. Naik bas, and then naik LRT dari Plaza Rakyat sampai lah Ampang. Since he wanted to surprise me, he walked all the way from LRT to my house carrying those 5 biji durians. Ada lah dlm 20 minit jalan kaki. I don’t think other ppl would do that for me. Dah lah dia kate org dlm LRT tu siap tutup hidung lagik. (not sure it’s legal or not to bring durian in LRT..haha). That’s why I love him so muchhh, thanx honey! (kind of like ‘sanggup merentasi lautan api’ in a modern world..hahaha…)

Next good thing:- Man U rules the day! Haha.. It’s kind of an intense weekend for all the fans (it’s so ironic that we were all so intense in Malaysia since the game was thousands mile away). I myself pretty nervous with all the excessive ads by The Star and stories of how Gunners are unbeaten. But yeah…if Gunners are unbeaten, and the only one team that can beat them is Man U…haha..the fact say itself (no offense Gunners fans, I’m just over-excited!).

Okay, byk lagik benda nak cerita tapi dah kena start kerja. Enjoy the rest of the Ramadhan month. Best kan bila syaitan semua kena ikat. But it also means that kalau kita buat jahat tu mmg kita sendiri lah yg devil ek. Take care!


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