JAC – our first Malaysian Idol!

Yes!! At last JAC become the first Malaysian Idol!!! Yup, me and my boyfriend were among those Jacians who support her from the beginning. We became more fanatic when some people said it’s not fair for her to compete since she has a lot of experience singing in clubs and had released an album. Dunno why some people are making a big deal about that.

I think it’s clear that anyone can produce his or her own albums. You just rent a studio, record your songs, and put it in cassettes and CDs. Obviously it’s very different with being sign by a recording company. Diorang kata Indonesian Idol siap ada 17 album sendiri lagik ha. Takde orang kecoh pun.

I’m glad at the press conference that nite Izham, the 8TV COO (in the early time I knew him as the Positive Tone’s boss) made it clear. He said these are the kind of people they were looking for~ those who have talent and trying to sell it; nevertheless have no chance to be sign by a recording company.

Have to admit that we were all worried when they were saying Dina has the whole Johor including the royal family supporting her. This made us vote Jac even more! Aku siap campaign lagik dkt bebudak ofis nie. Yg tak pernah tgk MI pun diheret sama. Hehehe…

Nasib baik dah tgh tgh bulan. Kalau lah MI buat time aku baru dpt gaji, mesti aku top up habis habisan untuk vote..hehe…(let’s not tell this to 8TV, or else next year they will do the final on the salary day!)

Clearly after the battle nite last Friday, it proved that Jac’s much better than Dina. She sang all three songs beautifully…I really like her own rendition of Tunggu Sekejap. Just like Paul Moss said, she’s good in articulating the melody and lyrics her own way.

Other than MI, me and my honey spend our weekend eat and eat some more (our diet program kind of aborted until after raya;), and watch Bourne Supremacy. He wanted to watch Police Story but I convinced him that the Bourne is good even though actually I’m not even sure of it (kind of relying solely on Matt Damon), nasib baik dia kate best. Hehe…

This time I have less 3 hours to spend with my honey since as the Perak faithful supporter, he has to be at Bkt Jalil for the FA Final. And even though I love football, I’m not a Perak supporter thus it’s best not to nag along or else I’ll be blaming him for not paying attention to me.

So I just send him at the LRT instead. You know..it’s weird that after all these times, I still feel sad everytime he left. We’ve been in a long distance relationship for quite a while now, but it still hurts. Guess that’s one of the reasons our feelings for each other blossoms even more.

This does not mean I want to be around him 24/7 (not yet…), but it feels like time never seems enough whenever we are together…“Tunggu sekejap wahai kasih, kerana hujan masih renyai… Tunggu sekejap, dalam pelukan asmaraku…”


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