Ngantuk gila aku. Puasa pulak tu hari nie. Tak dapek nak minum Nescafe. Bulan ramadhan dah dekat. I have to try sustaining myself from get addicted to caffeine again. But the smell of coffee…..ugghhh… nice.

My trip to Singapore considered a success. At least 80%. The hard part is coming back to the office and reporting what I’ve did there. Well, I’ll try my best. But hopefully they don’t ask me today. Mmg mengantuk sangat hari nie…rasa mcm nak tido je…huhuhu…

Last Thursday masa dkt Singapore my friend called to inform that our friend’s dad passed away. He went for operation in Australia but it was unsuccessful. Al-fatihah utk allahyarham, semoga dia ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yg beriman….Amin…

It came as quite quite a shock to us sbb ayah dia still quite young. I don’t even know he’s sick. Looks like I have to get in touch more often with my friends.

Dia sekarang tgh busy dkt Australia menguruskan jenazah. He’s the eldest, so automatically he’ll be the one who’s handling things there I suppose. We were really close back in high school time; I should go and see him bila dia dah blk nanti. Hopefully he’s okay.

Well, other than my urge for caffeine, I’m excited for this coming Ramadhan. Dah lama berpuasa di negeri orang beb….sempena bulan best nie, aku tujukan lagu Ramadhan nyanyian Raihan & Man Bai tu utk semua……lagu paling evergreen selama aku berpuasa di negara orang. Take care all.


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