make sure passport’s validation b4 travelling!

It’s MONDAY…like a normal Monday, I was so lazy to start my day. Woke up lazily, got ready lazily, coming to work lazily, and made my coffee lazily in the office pantry. But then while making my coffee, my mom called. She asked about my passport expiry date. I’m confident it will expire end of this year. Then she said something like “You can’t go to Singapore tomorrow. The passport has to be valid for 6 months!”.

And me calm as usual saying “Are you sure, even to Singapore?” But then later I ask some of my colleagues, and called the Singapore Embassy. It’s true! OMG!!!. Now what? I’m flying tomorrow. Damn it. They say I can take the risk and just go, or the other choice is to go to renew my passport now.

Aha…even I’m a risk taker, I’m not going to take a risk at a foreign country, especially when I’m alone. I could be stuck at the airport like Tom Hanks in that The Terminal movie. Unlike him, I don’t think I can survive. Hahaha…

They said it takes 3 days to get a new one. But then someone said that for special circumstances you can get it done by one day. So aku pun bawak laa surat dari boss ckp kena attend business trip tomorrow, bla bla, etc. My mom tolong hantarkan my old passport at the office and drop me at komples wilayah. Tanya dkt kaunter tu, dia ckp sehari boleh siap since my old passport jenis yg ade chip. Alhamdulilah…Esok pagi boleh pergi pick up. Mintak mintak takde problem esok. Pray for me.

Thanx to my mom yg remindkan aku pasal benda nie. Kalau lah die dkt UK lagik time nie, dah stranded lah aku agaknya dkt airport. And thanx to our new PM, they said he’s the one who make sure the immigration speed up their passport processing. 2 jam je aku terpacak dkt kompleks wilayah tu. Takde lah lama sangat compare dgn zaman dulu.

Dari imigresen, aku balik ofis jln kaki sebab dekat je (Nasib baik dekat!). Sabor jer lah kan… pengajaran utk semua ~ make sure passport is valid for at least 6 months kalau nak keluar negara.

Other than that, everything is splendid. Yesterday’s event went really well. Everyone seems happy + tired + satisfied. Terima kasih byk byk utk semua yg bergotong royong menolong. And now officially we are one step further in our relationship:). We’ll see how that goes!

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