Friday is here!!!

Things I am grateful for today…

1. Having my kind office colleague live near my house so she can fetch me up whenever she’s not going to the gym.

2. All my family members are safe & sound.

3. My filing work is all done…almost….

4. Payday today:) plus a little bit bonus for the mid year…

5. Received an email from my preschool colleague, telling that she’s going to name her baby my name.

6. Isetan having sales! —> not a good news for my saving account.

7. It’s a rainy day. Always love the rain. Rezeki kan…

8. My boyfriend’s coming tomorrow:)

9. Haagen Daaz having a buffet @ the Great Eastern Mall. Hmmm…going or not going….think think….

10. It’s Friday!!! Time to relax, watch Malaysian Idol and vote for Anis, watch Amazing Race, play with my niece, & hang out with the love of my life🙂


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