home alone on a rainy day…

Out of all mornings, why it rained heavily this morning? Well well…it is Malaysia, thus the probability of raining is kind of high. Acceptable lah kiranya. But not only it rained, out of all mornings, why today the bus did not stop!!! Ugghhh…..dahlah first time pulak tu bas buat camtu dkt aku. Sabor je…

Apasal laa bila mak aku takde kat rumah laa benda mcm nie nak jadik. Sabor je….

Luckily, I’m with shaz. We have two choices. ( at least I can think of 2). One, to wait for another bus. But dunno when it’s coming. Second choice, to walk to another bus station. ( I opt out driving my mom’s car as a choice because frankly I never drive to KL, and plus it is raining God knows what else will happen if I drive).

So, we decided to take a shortcut and walk to another bus stop. Plus, there are a lot of kids walking to the nearby school at that hour, so jalan tu takde lah sunyi sangat. Alhamdulilah, cepat dapat bas & jalan pun tak jam. Dptlah aku sampai ofis awal.

It feels a little bit weird when my mom not around. I was homesick when I left for boarding school. That was 10 years ago. I was homesick again when I moved to a different boarding school 3 years later. Dah besar panjang duduk dkt US pun homesick jugak kekadang. And unfortunately, this homesick feeling is not a one-time occurrence. It will come and go as it pleased.

But now even when I’m at my home sweet home, I have a little bit of that feeling without my mom around. Huh…this means homesick does not only refer to the house, but also to the people inside the house. Now I know…

Even though come to think of it, I’m kind of loner in the house. I could be talkative among my friends, but at home I don’t talk much to my mom, siblings, etc. I love to spend my own time in my room, watching movies, listening to music, or sleeping. Even when I’m downstairs, I spend most of the time either watching tv or reading newspaper. Kira rumah nie mmg tempat utk aku relax & menenangkan fikiran la…hehehe…

Tapi, rupa rupanya rasa mcm homesick jugak ek bila my mom takde dkt rumah. Hmm….camano nie….nnt kalau kahwin tanak pindah laa mcm nie…bulih tak 😉

P.S: ape pasal ntah sureheboh dkt Ipoh aritu. Hambar je….mana pergi pakcik aznil & ezlynn…nasib baik ade ella & VE.


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