The One With The Unagi

In one of the episodes in FRIENDS ~ “The One With The Unagi”, Ross talked about Unagi, which he said meant Total Awareness in karate. I don’t know if this is true or not since I have zero knowledge in any martial arts.

So, he’s explaining to Phoebe & Rachel of how people (especially women) will be really prepared to face danger once they have “Unagi”.

Well, the girls teased him. Saying that Unagi reminds them to the delicious sushi restaurant:).

Btw, in today not really safe environment; with snatch thieves, burgaly, etc, I have to have this Unagi thing ( or trying to have it ) almost all the time.

I have to have it at the bus stop (very important). Also while walking to the bus stop (this apply not only to the snatch thieves, but also to bob the dog who just chase anyone whenever he wants to…uggghhh…). While walking to the office, while walking to the lrt station, yup…almost everywhere…

It does not end once I enter the house. Have to make sure everything locks, and always pay attention of any noise ( which also meant not too loud tv & music ).

Oh, how I wish KL is safe again. Doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. I’m really really grateful Malaysia is a peaceful country. I don’t have to be like some other people who willing to leave their countries and migrate here by all means just to find a job.

But, the neighborhood is not that safe anymore…I can’t just walk leisurely while sms someone, or jogging around the neighborhood peacefully. Hmmm…this is what I miss from Madison. I can just jog along lake Mendota alone, no one even care. Btw, my neighbor was robbed by a man with a knife while she jogged at Tmn Tar, so be careful to those who jog there ).

Hmm…I hope one day things will be back to normal. In the mean time, we just have to try this unagi thing…

Hmm..salmon skin roll anyone? yummy….

P.S – To all sushi lovers, Isetan cheap sushi are 50% off at night. That means you can have unagi double cheap!!!


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