Dean or Jess for Rory???

Dunno for sure who should be with Rory, is it Dean or Jess? Looks like both of them are coming back to her.

Dean is soooo kind, caring, hardworking, and seems like he always be there for Rory. Jess on other hand, is wild, unpredictable, and opposite of boring. These 2 guys characters differ extremely. The only thing that I could say the same would be their handsome look. Even that, they features different kind of “handsome”. One is cute handsome, the other is macho handsome. Suites their character, huh.

I think Jess being not boring is one of the main reasons why Rory falled on him at the first place. But of course that won’t last long. At the end of the day, we want to bring the good guys home. Who can bear a boyfriend who emotional, high school droppers, and seldom convey his feelings? Even though in Jess case, these maybe results from his bad childhood time (divorce parents, no place to live, etc), most girls won’t be patient enough to stick with this kind of guys.

For Godsake, you make think this is just a tv show and actually I’m just writing this because I’m bored and sleepy. Why you’ll get really sleepy after lunch? And sitting in front of the computer does not help either.

But after writing this down, I realised that those guys like Dean and Jess do exist. And girls are having problem with both. One is tooo good = boring, another is tooo wild = no future. The truth is, we want both.

It will be perfect to have someone who have both Dean and Jess characters. Someone who’s caring, lovable, hardworking, but also wild and not boring. Hmmm….I guess my boyfriend does have those characters. Even not to the perfect extreme, it’s perfect enough for me! Yeay!!!


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