Trip to Singapore

Just came back from Singapore. Since it’s for work not pleasure, I don’t really have time to enjoy the place 😦.

However, I really enjoy my bedroom! The company provided me with a 5 star bedroom hotel with the deluxe king bed, I had sooo much fun sleeping! ( tak percaya tanya Stitch) Hahaha…The bed was so comfy and cozy, thus I am sooo lazy to get up for work the next day!

They put me on the 53th floor so I can see the whole island from the balcony. Really love the view from there! Sebelum nie tak perasan pun harbor dia lawa. Well, the last time I went to Singapore was when I standard two, so don’t really have an initiative to enjoy an harbor scenery at that age I guess.

Spend 2 hours window shopping. The stores there remind me a lot at the US stores. Sigh….

And of course I also enjoyed the food! The receptionist recommended to go to a Peranakan restaurant (baba & nyonya I think) dinner buffet. Oh gosshh…I eat all the seafood, sushi, mee siam, rojak, and desert! Usually I don’t eat that much in buffet, but since the company is paying, I had to enjoy it until the last drop. Soo deliciouss… Malu jugak dkt abg abg waiter dkt situ tapi peduli apa…Buat bodo jer laa… hahaha… I think the prawn curry is the best.

My mom said Singaporean Peranakan food is better than the one we have in Malaysia. Well, how I supposed to know. That was the first time I’ve heard the word peranakan. hehehe… But my mom really knows a lot about food, so I guess it’s true. Rugi pulak tak mkn lagi byk! hahahaha…

But as always, I never like the travelling part. Even the flight took less than an hour, I hate it. Even I had traveled as far as US, I still don’t like the feeling I have when the plane took off leaving KLIA. Mcm rasa homesick laa lebey kurang. Teringat family and boyfriend 🙂. But the landing is still bumpy. I dunno why the domestic flight mesti bumpy2 bila landing. Kalau international tak pun. Tapi kalau naik domesctic dkt US dulu tak bumpy jugak…hmmm…Ada kaitan dgn jenis plane agaknya ek.

Oh yeah…1st time naik ERL Express ke airport. Mmg laju. Selaju MRT ingapore. Tapi kira Singapore lagi advance lah. MRT tu mcm LRT kat sini. Tapi dari satu stesen ke stesen berikutnya seminit je. Mmg menggalakkan bangun tidur lambat kalau nak pergi ofis. Hehe…


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