after a week working…

Thank you for all the responds. Since I really like my current job, I did reject other interviews. Bagik peluang dkt orang lain bak kata nonie🙂

Except this one interview was really hard for me to reject. It comes from the most prominent bank in Malaysia, a really stable one. In fact, I don’t think it will go out of business, unless something really bad happen to Malaysia, i.e political instability.

After a long thought, I personally think I prefer to work here. However, I have a desire to attend the interview for the sake of experience. Nak tgk lah soklan macamana dia tanya kan…

Some member of my families prefer for me to work there. I could understand that since it is a well known bank. I took their advices under considerations since orang tua lebih dulu makan garam kan..

Thus, sebab teringin nak tahu interview dia macamana, brings me to another problem of how to ask a permission from my boss, since the interview is during the working day. Many people suggest to lie, which I don’t think I can do it. Since my bosses are all very kind. Adoii…..dah kerja pun susah…

Now I miss lying on my bed dkt Regent watching my collections of FRIENDS. Tak payah nak pk ape ape…And the free breakfast dkt Regent… bestnya… hehehe…You know what, I need to learn how to make waffle. Waffle dkt sini mahal nak mampus. Lepas tu bley la berlagak sket kan, reti lah jugak masak American breakfast. Huhuhu…

Oh yeah..nany pun dah dpt kerja, at one of the biggest computer companies in the world. Congrats! Dia kena belanja aku makan busat sbb aku yg jumpa iklan tu utk dia..huhuhu…And congrats too to some of my batch yg dah dpt kerja dgn Panasonic! Kerja rerajin ek!!!

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