post hari raya

Wow…dah lama tak update. Terima kasih utk semua yg ucapkan selamat hari raya, samada secara virtual atau kasik kad. Cayanggg ngkorang semuaaa🙂.

We spend our hari raya celebration with tons of food, movies, and leisure. I really had a great time. Boleh dikatakan nie raya plg best spjg duduk dkt states nie. Aku melepak dgn member2 dari pagi sampai mlm. Realising the fact that such things could be the last time we really hang out together made it more special for me. (Since semua dah nak grad, carik kerja & tader masa nak jumpa each other sangat). Faz dtg dari Purdue, which make it more fun😉.

Abg shipping datang hari ahad hari tu. That means I’d shipped my dearly dell pc. I sent my doplhin, penguin, & kiwi plush toys along to take care of my stuff in the cargo. Huhuhu…Plus, they are really looking forward to see the sea again😉. Hopefully semua barang selamat sampai, safe and sound.

My feeling is 50-50 rite know about graduating. Of course I’m going to miss Madison, even though I don’t really show it. This is a great place! I’ll miss shouting at Camp Randall, walking along State Street!!! Those really really delicious ice cream!!! and of coz I’m going to miss those monthly allowance from Mara. Ugghh….Talk about being independent. Am I ready? Lecehnya nak carik kerja…pray for me that I’ll get a great job🙂

Menambahkan lagik kesedihan aku ~the last FRIENDS episode for this year was aired last week. Makes it seems so final. Ugghh…They will air the next new one on January. Biasalah diorang nie cuti dari thanksgiving terus sampai New Year. Bukan nak kata kat malaysia tak bley tgk cerita tu. But then, once you got a job I don’t think I’ll get hook on tv that much (berdasarkan pengalaman akak2 aku). Compared to now where I could still leisurely be in front of tv from 7-9 every nite. And I’ll miss all those un”cut” scenes…huhuhu…

Bila plak cerita One Tree Hill nak sampai malaysia? isk isk…baru jer jatuh hati dgn Chad Murray…

Not to mention those munchkins in the preschool. Alahai…tak bley jumpa si comel Nicholas dah…Jackie gave me a really good reference, terharu pulak rasanya bila baca.

But am I ready to face the future…I don’t know. Hopefully things will be smooth as plan…InsyaAllah….

P.S-Thanx to Nany in helping me packed my stuff:)


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