Agghh…yesterday was a really tiring day for me. 3 teachers were gone. Maria went camping with her hubby, Terri flew to Kansas coz her aunt past away, and Heather had to see a specialist at Milwaukee. Who to blame?

It was very hectic, I got headache by the end of the day. Sampai rumah terus tertidur. Aku bangun untuk solat Maghrib, cuba untuk siapkan homework onlineku, tapi nak menatap komputer pun tak mampu. I hate it since this is not the time to be sick, for Godsake my final is this Thursday!

It was so ironic that I could still hear the kids’ voices inside my head when I woke up. Aku rasa sebenarnya bebudak tu tak ada lah ter’over’ nakal whatsoever, it was just because we were low in staffing. Plus aku sibuk nak pack barang dan exam yang dah nak dekat, it all added up the pressure.

Since homework aku due by midnite, nak tak nak terpaksa lah telan Advil. I try to avoid taking pain killer, sebab rasanya chemical dia strong sangat berbanding dgn Malaysia punya. Dah terbiasa dengan ubat sini, hari tu balik Malaysia telan Panadol 2 biji pun rasa macam tak ada effect. Talk about body adaptation…

I remember back then when I took panadol menstrual every month. Never missed it. Then one day someone told me kalau ambil ubat tu nanti susah nak bersalin. I kind of freaked out, even tak pasti kesahihannya. Thus, I stopped taking the pill for that month. OH MY GOD! The pain was so unbearable! Never ever felt such crammed in my whole life. Much worse than before I started taking the pills. Aku rasa sebab badan aku dah terbiasa, it became too dependent on it. Since then I try to change, just take pills in really emergency situation. Such as exams.

Anyway, alhamdulilah my headache were gone today. Actually I had much better day. Went to the Middleton Pool Center with the Roustabout class [6-9 years old]. Got the whole 3 hours relaxing by the pool.

Unlike the younger kids, the Roustabouts are very independent. They do everything by themselves (changing clothes, sunscreen, lunch). I just need to check there are all 20 of them every hour, and buy 20 ice cream during break time. There’s 10 minutes break for every hour at the pool for the kids. Just to give more space for adults, and to make sure kids don’t get tired.

Cecikgu lain semua swimming, aku tak bawak baju persalinan sebab Jackie inform aku last minute yg aku kena ikut bebudak nie. So melepak jer lah aku. Baca buku, makan aiskrim, dan usha abg abg lifeguard yg comel😉 Alaa..kasik can laaa…Jangan mare yer honey!


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