Preschool Marriage Talk

Preschool Marriage Talk
June 24, 2003, 5:56 p.m.

I’m sitting in my room, eating vanilla flavored ice cream swirled with strawberry, banana, chocolate ribbons, cherry, pineapple and mixed nuts. Hahahaha….how good is that?

It is just so hot out there. 92 Farenheit! Actually that will be something around 33 degree Celcius. Tapi mmg sudah masuk kategori panas gila utk bumi Madison nie…Geram tgk bebudak tadika mandi swimming pool, rasa macam nak rendam jugak kaki dalam tu!

Entah apasal, sejak aku tulis dialog bebudak tadika aku tu, makin menjadi jadi pulak lawak diorang. Sejak 2-3 hari nie, tak habis habis lagi borak pasal kahwin kahwin…here are some funny ones:-


Martin: Anuta, I’m going to marry you okay.
Anuta: Okay, let’s get married.
Autumn: Martin, you said you want to marry me!
Martin: No, I am going to marry Anuta. I cannot marry 2 people. Only one.



Autumn: Monina, Martin said he don’t want to marry me.
Aku: That’s fine. Marry someone else. There are my other boys out there, you know.
Autumn: No. I want to marry Martin. But he hurt my feelings.



Autumn: Henry, would you marry me?
Henry: No. I am going to marry Elena. I already promised her.
[Elena budak tadika aku jugak]



[ Martin don’t want to share toys with Anuta]

Anuta: Martin! I don’t want to be friend with you. I don’t want to marry you.
Martin: Anuta. Remember this morning, we played together. You said you gonna marry me.
Anuta: But you hurt my feelings. I’m going to marry Alex.
Martin: Alex, why don’t you marry Autumn and I marry Anuta.
Alex: No, I don’t want to marry Autumn.
Anuta: Who you want to marry?
Alex: Nobody.
Martin: What? Why? You have to marry someone. So you could have a family. Mama make babies, you know.



Jake: You know, I’m going to marry Maya.
Aku: Yup, I know.
John: You’re going to marry Maya? Haa…
Aku: Who you’re going to marry John?
John: I don’t know. I thought I want to marry Maya. But now I have to find someone else.
Martin: Find a girl okay. Boys can only marry girls. Then you can have babies.
Jake: Yes, I’m going to have 2 babies.


Hahahaha….Kat tadika pun ada skandal tu…

I have to do my take home exam today, esok kena hantar. Semalam ingat nak buat, tapi terlekat baca buku Harry Potter tu. Baru habis 300 pages.

Take home exam kena buat case study pasal Samsung.

“Samsung is selling the exactly wireless phone that Keanu Reeves uses to transport himself in The Matrix Reloaded. There will be more Samsung in this fall’s sequel, The Matrix: Revolutions.

Samsung also has already introduced the first voice-activated phones, handsets with MP3 players, and the one that allow users to download and view up to 30 minutes of video and watvh live TV for a fixed monthly fee”.
-Business Week, June 16th.

Dahsyat ek…padanlah ada orang tu sibuk nak beli hp Samsung. Jgn beli mahal mahal tau…tau tau tau tau, ckp kat mak karang…:p


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