why does it hurt so bad…

My friend Noris wrote this..Just thought how it can be so true. Semakin kita dewasa, semakin terhimpun pilu dan lara. Sebab itulah kata pepatah jangan terbang terlalu tinggi, kelak rebah tersungkur di bumi sendiri.

Plus her words are great. She has always been good in English;)

Feeling Down..

It’s such a shame..
When you sacrifice so much for one thing ..
and find that it amounts to nothing,
Or when you find that the one person you look up to..
is really not that great,
When one small thing .. destroys everything.

Ain’t that a shame.. my tears felt like rain!
There’s really no one to blame..
I feel so blue

Why do I fell like a wreck?
How come the skies are all gray?
My, oh my, how can this be.

I wish I didn’t wish so hard..
now everything is falling apart
Oh my soul is dying.. it’s crying
I’m trying to understand.. Please help me

Why does it hurt so bad?
Why do I feel so sad?


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