Rhythm of Love

Ditujukan khas utk si dia, for being my inspiration and my best friend. It’s not everyday I can make a rhyme, but looks like everything posibble when love is on the air!
(This one isn’t totally rhyme though;)

Rhythm of Love

I like the way you look at me from far away,
I like the way you feel shy when I look back,
I like the way you pull your hair,
Whether it is short or long I don’t care.

I like all the stuff you gave me,
The necklace, the lovenotes and the bunny,
The roses, the pyjamas and even the yummy satay,
Make me smile and make my heart stay.

I like the way you talk on the phone,
Sometimes you say honey and sometimes you say boo,
We talk in the morning, we talk at night,
With you 3 hours always a short time.

I like the way we spend our time,
We watch World Cup, Stitch and The Eye,
We even like to eat at the same place,
Kenny Rogers and KFC always bring good taste.

I know we don’t always like the same thing,
You love basketball and I love shopping,
When you talk about PC, I understand almost nothing,
When I start gossiping, I know you feel boring.

But it all makes me love you even more,
Even we always fight over something I don’t mind,
I even can’t wait to fight over the remote next time,
When both Futurama and Gilmore Girls on the air:)


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